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XPR Produtofinal 360° Exploring and Mapping Brazil

XPR Produtofinal 360° Exploring and Mapping Brazil
XPR Produtofinal Thiago Couto in the historical heritage city of Ouro Preto, Brazil
After 15 years of development since its introduction in 2007, today Google Street View covers the most of the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Streets with Street View imagery available are shown as blue lines on Google Maps, enabling users to view and navigate through 360 degree horizontal and 290-degree vertical panoramic street level images of various cities around the world. GSV has already become a very popular tool for people to learn about the community and attractions before traveling.

Hit the link to watch Pilot One (EE) Google Street View 360° Tour — Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo, Brazil
XPR Produtofinal, as a Tourism Organization from Brazil plowing in the industry for more than 20 years, with more than 300 members on-demand worldwide professionals, covering tourist market experts, street view specialists, service designers, travel photographers and content producers, developers, travel partners, third party contractors, private and public sector mentors.

XPR Produtofinal Government Presentation — Mineiro Museum city of Belo Horizonte
Starting in 2021, XPR Produtofinal showcases the beauty and vibrancy of Brazil through the Google Street View with Labpano Pilot One (EE) 8K VR cameras, covering more than 30 cities with over 100 famous tourists attractions, creating more than one thousand Kilometers of Google Street View blue lines.
With only a Pilot camera and street view platform, you can change the way that contributes the story nearby and enable people to share your story from the other side of the world and understand your culture and community, bringing people closer together. It is never been easier to create a Google Street View with Pilot cameras.

Hit the link to watch XPR Produtofinal — Minas Digital Experiences Project, Serra da Canastra National Park.
XPR Produtofinal believes in the transformative power of travels, focusing on empowering and engaging travelers to inspire, see, do and experience more destinations by bringing technological solutions that raise positive perceptions, promote digital acceleration and foster socio-economic development for customers, partners and the tourist regions of interest, helping in the digital transformation of the consumption journey experiences of organizations, communities and smart tourist destinations worldwide.

image.pngXPR Produtofinal Thiago Couto in Canastra Chain National Park with Pilot One (EE)
Hit the link to watch Pilot One (EE) Panoramic Camera Captures Google Street View
“It's lovely that Pilot cameras give us more mobility and fast pace over natural places by walking or hiking or biking, or even by car on the off-roads. Also, the features of dust and water splash protection makes the setup more robust and less worrying; — just hang the camera, clean the lenses and move on shooting,” commented Thiago Couto.
Labpano Pilot One (EE) Panoramic Camera“The best features of the Pilot cameras that impressed us are the most fast workflow with good quality of 8K images and GPS signal, also good hard drive space 512G internal storage,” adding Thiago Couto.
image.pngPilot One (EE) IP65 VR Camera


Pilot One (EE) 360° 8K Smart Camera Features
Flexible: 2.1-inch interactive smart touch screen & Pilot Go App remote control; 512G and 128G internal storage optional; 3600mAh Built-in battery, support attaching an external power source and Mic; the external heatsink for better voice while video streaming.
Better: Android-based operating system, Pilot Open API ecosystem to boost your business to next level; 8K premium image quality, multiple-purpose served in one compact machine; frequently OTA system updates.
Faster: In-camera stitching; Easy Google Street View shooting to create blue lines on Google maps; one-stop PilotTour virtual tour; straight live streaming to YouTube, Facebook without effort.
Compact: 396 grams with pocket size of 44mm * 44mm * 127mm; High-integrated multi-function in one camera with 8K photo, 8K video and PilotLive 8K live streaming, PilotTour, Google Street View Video mode, 8K Time-lapse and Pilot Open API ecosystem, PilotSteady real-time stabilization.


XPR Produtofinal Visit Sao Paulo — Sesc Rooftop Cafe city of Sao Paulo


XPR Produtofinal Google Street View Project with Pilot One (EE) VR camera.
Project 1: Minas Conecta
Location: Serra da Canastra National Park (chain of rock mountains).
Blue lines: +600km
Time to finish it with Pilot One (EE): 72 hours after per day of shooting, mainly because of the location’s connectivity.
Time to finish it with other VR cameras: At least 1–2 weeks ahead per day of shooting.
Project 2: Minas Conecta, strategic tourist places
Location: 55 attractions of 22 cities of Minas Gerais State in Brazil.
Blue lines: +300km
Time to finish it with Pilot One (EE): 36 hours after per day of shooting, mainly because of the location’s connectivity.
Time to finish it with other VR cameras: At least 1–2 weeks ahead per day of shooting.
Project 3 : Visite São Paulo
Time to finish it with Pilot One (EE): 6 Tourist attractions in the city of São Paulo capital, Brazil.
Blue lines (30km) :
Time to finish it with Pilot One (EE): 24 hours after a day of shooting.
Time to finish it with other VR cameras: At least 1 week ahead per day of shooting.
Hit the link to watch Official Introduction to Pilot One (EE, known as enhanced edition)



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