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5G+VR Live Streaming of Court Trial with Pilot Cameras

5G+VR Live Streaming of Court Trial with Pilot Cameras
According to the data from "China Court Trial Online", 5G+VR live broadcasts of court trials in China received nearly 17,273,292 views, proving that  5G+VR live broadcasts of online court in China have become common.
“As long as you have a computer or mobile device that accesses the network, you can attend court trial hearings. " commented netizens.
 5G+VR Smart Court, Enhancing Judicial Transparency and Promoting Public Trust
In China, concerns relating to vulnerable populations and the equality of access have however resulted in a number of approaches that are focussed more on technological innovation. In this regard, it has been argued that the intelligent transformation of courts through the utilization of information technology would align with the traditional values of the judiciary by enabling courts' functions to be more transparent, efficient, and people-centric. The technological convenience can support judicial convenience which can in turn, significantly reduce the high costs associated with access to justice.
To better protect the public right to know and supervise the work of the courts, achieving open justice through citizen participation and transparency, the intermediate people's court of Dongying city in China has taken multiple measures to ensure the steady progress of the online court. As of January 2022, 70 of the 1,353 online trials cases are carried out by 5G+VR live streaming.
Dongying Intermediate Court partnership with Labpano and installed Pilot Lock IP68 panoramic live streaming camera in a total of 16 trial courtrooms, so far, they have completely realized 5G+VR live streaming of court trial.
Pilot Lock 360° VR Live Streaming Camera 
Pilot Lock 360° VR Live Streaming Camera
In just three months since the installation, the 5G+VR online court trials have reached up to 70 cases.
Online court trials have played an important role in promoting judicial openness and enhancing judicial credibility, fully demonstrating the good image of the people's courts of transparency.
Pilot Lock 5G+VR real-time live streaming, automatic in-camera stitching, and high-fidelity audio recording enable the audiences to watch the court trial online 360-degree with clear image and good sound. Especially travel restrictions in the epidemic, 5G+VR live streaming has contributed a positive force to the proper functioning of society.
Compared with the traditional multi-camera and multi-angle real-time live broadcast, 5G+VR court trial live streaming can achieve a 360-degree full-scene with only one 360° VR camera, there is no need to preset the "pre-position" to focus on the key characters and frequently to switch shots. It is easier to operate and you can rotate the screen 360 degrees to choose any angle you want. 
"360° 5G+VR Immersive" judicial service experience - Justice of the Future 
Dongying Intermediate Court actively implements the principle of justice for the people with the 5G + VR technological revolution, providing the masses with a real "online court world". 
360 degrees panoramic full scene live streaming brings a three-dimensional immersive experience to the audience. We believe that in the future, 5G+VR live broadcast applications will be more widely used, promoting the construction of smart courts characterized by networking, transparency, and intelligence.


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