Pilot Lock 8K 360° Livestreaming Camera

Sale price$4,999.00

  • 8K Live Streaming Image quality
  • Capable of 24-Hour Live Streaming
  • 4 x 12MP Sony CMOS Sensors, Audio Input
  • IP67 Waterproof and Self-Heating Design
  • 4 x f/2.28 Aspherical Fisheye Lenses
  • 100% In-Camera Real-Time Stitching
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Client/Server Managed
  • Hawkeye Management System Control
  • DC Adapter or PoE Power
  • Durable Aluminum Enclosure
  • Android OS

*During the vacation period from February 5th to February 18th.

IP67 Rating

-40 to 55°C Operating Temperature

8K Image Quality

Self-heating Design

Aviation Connector

Aluminum Enclosure

Impressive 8K High Definition

Featuring four F2.28 aspherical fisheye lenses, 12MP SONY image sensors, and up to 8k/24fps video shooting, Pilot Lock captures amazing images that help see the world in its entirety.

IP67 Rating

Fully made of a metal body, Pilot Lock boasts strong durability. With an IP67 rating, it is waterproof and dustproof and can withstand a wide range of harsh environments, even can stand salt spray.

Perfectly Adaptable to the Harshness

Machine warming in extremely cold environments by sensing the ambient temperature, effectively enhancing the durability, charging function, and power output of the camera to ensure normal camera operation. The operation ambient temperature ranges from -40° C~55° C, readily facing up to the extreme environment.

Non-stop Live Streaming

Never miss a moment with this convenient and reliable DC/PoE power supply. It ensures you get the juice your Livestream needs even when you're dead tired and can't be bothered to switch on other electric devices.

Hawkeye Remote Management System

One-stop management of crew, device and image that allows you to comprehensively take the panoramic Livestreaming, image display into control and achieve efficient operation between on-site and platform information.

Multiple Protocols for Efficient Live Streaming

Pilot Lock supports the GB28281 control protocol, as well as RTSP, RTMP, and other protocol stream output, cloud video, and full terminal playback.

Aviation Interface Supports PoE Power Supply

With one cable for two uses, Pilot Lock integrates a powerful aviation connector for PoE and data transmission, reducing cable efficiency loss and maintenance costs. There is no complicated wiring required, and it is ready to use right out of the box.

Multiple Connections with Smooth Transmission

Pilot Lock supports both Wi-Fi and wired networking, and the unique antenna design ensures all-day, 360° reception of the strongest signal.

What's In the Box



160mm x 66.5mm x 66.5mm


1060g (37.39oz)



Power Supply



4 × F2.28 Aspherical Fisheye Lenses

Live Streaming

Resolution/Frame Rate

8K (7680 x 3840)@24fps
4K (3840 x 1920)@24fps




LAN Control/Hawkeye Remote Management Open Control Protocol



Real-time Stitching


Aviation Connector

RI45: 100M/1000M (Standard)
USB Type-A

Indicator Light

The red light of camera heating flashes in low temperature condition