Pilot Era 8K 360° Camera with 3.1 Touchscreen

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  • Capture & Stream up to 8K 360 Live Video
  • 4 x 12MP CMOS Sensors
  • 4 x f/2.28 Fisheye Lenses with 185° FOV
  • 512GB Internal Drive
  • 3.1" Touchscreen
  • 9-Axis Gyro Stabilization, Built-In GPS
  • In-camera stitching, High Dynamic Range
  • 7200mAh Battery Lasts up to 3.5 Hours
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi
  • Gravity/Gyro/Magnetic Sensors

8K Video & Photo

8K Video & Photo

PilotSteady Stabilization

100% In-camera Stitching

3.1″ Touch Screen

Android-based OS

Frequent OTA Updates

8K Live Streaming

GSV Optimized

7200mAh Battery

8K High-quality Photo & Video

With four F2.28 aspherical fisheye lenses, Sony 12MP CMOS sensors and up to 8K/24fps video, you can capture vivid images with clearer details presented.

Ultra-large 3.1-inch Touchscreen

The clear built-in touchscreen offers smooth operation and quick playback of shooting results. It's much easier to adjust parameters and switch between apps.

7200mAh Battery Capacity

The 7200mAh replaceable battery has up to 4 hours of recording and 24 hours standby time, so you can keep going where other cameras stop.

512GB Large Storage

Loaded with 512G UFS2.0 high-speed storage, Pilot Era easily stores over 6.5-hour 8K videos or 26,000 panoramic photos.

PilotSteady 9-gyro Stabilization

Powered by PilotSteady 9-gyroscope stability algorithm, Pilot Era intelligently compensates for the shakes of horizontal level, hugely enhancing the image stability.

Capture Google Street View Easier

Being a GSV-supported camera, Pilot Era has built-in ultra-precise GPS and one-click upload to Google Maps and creates Google Street View with blue lines. GSV photography has never been easier!

In-camera Efficient Stitching

The real-time stitching 360° camera Pilot Era enjoys a simplified workflow. Dropbox and Google Drive are also supported for convenient storage. You can upload your photos and videos freely without worrying about being out of storage.

PilotLive 8K for VR Fun

Empowered with VR headsets and computers with "8K UHD panoramic video playback capability", you can enjoy an 8K HD immersive live streaming experience in real-time by simply installing Labpano player on VR glasses and computers for free, eliminating the need to connect to servers and pay expensive cloud processing fees.

Preview through Wi-Fi

Pilot Era can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi for live preview and content transfer, allowing you to view your footage wherever and whenever you want.

Easy-to-Use Android System

An Android-based operating system cut the learning curve less. The intuitive interaction makes the camera simple to learn about. Also, the open system is available for you to expand the camera with third-party software.

Pilot Open Ecosystem

Pilot Era is a panoramic terminal that can evolve in real time. Labpano Technology will continue to add new features and optimize existing ones to ensure that Pilot Era meets the needs of today's merchants.

User-friendly Remote Control

The Pilot Go APP is straightforward and simple to use. It is compatible with all the Pilot camera series. It supports iOS and Android operating systems and a wide range of smartphone brands.

Accessories at Your Pick

Designed with a 1/4 threaded hole at the bottom, your diversified shooting needs can be satisfied.

What's In the Box



61.4mm x 61.4mm x 159.0mm


750g (26.46 oz)


Video Recording: 3.5 hours (8K)
Live Streaming: Up to 3 hours
Built-in 7200mAh Removable Battery


3.1'' Touchscreen; Resolution (640 x 360)


4 × F2.28 Aspherical Fisheye Lenses


Resolution/Frame Rate

Real-time Stitching
8K (7680 x 3840)@6fps
6K (5670 x 2880)@15fps
4K (3840 x 1920)@30fps
2K (1920 x 960)@30fps

In-camera Stitching
8K (7680 × 3840)@24fps
7K (7040 × 3520)@24fps
6K (5760 × 2880)@30fps
4K (3840 × 1920)@30fps



Video Coding Format




8K (8192 × 4096)
6K (6144 × 3072)
4K (4096 × 2048)
3K (3072 × 1536)
2K (2048 × 1024)




HDR/Countdown/Hide Photographer

Manual Settings

Exposure Time: 1/3200~1/15
ISO Range: 50~1600
EV: -4~4
White Balance: Auto/Manual

Live Streaming

Resolution/Frame Rate





Stitching Algorithm

Real-time Stitching
Optical Flow Stitching


PilotSteady Real-time Stabilization


PilotTour Precise Indoor Positioning and Localization

*Install PiPlayer on your PC and VR glasses to experience 8K live streaming smoothly.