PANOX V2 5.7K 360 Vlog Camera

Sale price$399.00

5.7K@30FPS 360° Video
72MP 360° Photo
1/2'' CMOS Sensors
12K HDR Photo
4K 360° Live Streaming
5.7K 360° Timelapse
3-inch Smart Touchscreen
Built-in GPS for Google Street View
New APP to Edit with Keyframe
Android 10 OS

Buy it with camera case and selfie stick together.

5.7K30FPS 360° Video

Panox V2 is the perfect tool for capturing stunning 360° videos with ease. With its advanced 5.7K30FPS, 4K60FPS, 8K10FPS video quality, every detail is captured in stunning clarity, providing an immersive and unforgettable viewing experience.

72MP 12K 360° Photo

Experience the world like never before with our 360 camera. With the ability to shoot up to 72MP (12K) resolution photos, every detail is captured in amazing clarity, providing an immersive and unforgettable viewing experience.


12K HDR Photo

Capture stunning 12K HDR photos with the PanoX V2. Experience breathtaking image quality with vibrant colors and exceptional detail. Elevate your photography to new heights.

Smooth Footage On-the-Go

The premium stabilization technology ensures smooth and steady footage, even when you're on the move. The camera's advanced stabilization algorithms work to minimize camera shake and vibrations, resulting in clear and stable footage.

Invisible Selfie Stick

Experience the magic of an invisible selfie stick with the PanoX V2. Capture amazing shots from a third-person perspective, giving your photos and videos a unique and immersive touch.

Condense Moments with Timelapse

Smart Tracking

The PanoX V2's smart tracking feature keeps up with your movements, making video recording a breeze. Stay in focus effortlessly and capture dynamic footage with ease.

Level Up with Keyframe

Keyframes enable smooth and fluid motion, bringing your videos to life with professional-level polish.

Export in Multiple Aspect Ratios for Stunning Content

The PanoX V2 app offers seamless exporting with versatile aspect ratios. Choose from 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1 to perfectly fit your content for sharing on various platforms.

Multi-platform Live Streaming Capabilities

V2 supports 360° live streaming on mainstream social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. With the support of RTMP/RTSP/SRT live streaming protocols, you can also customize your own live streaming platform to achieve simultaneous multi-platform streaming.

Seamless Connection & Microphone Integration

Seamless camera-to-app connection with WiFi, hotspot, and Bluetooth support in V2. Enjoy smooth connectivity and even connect external microphones via Bluetooth for enhanced audio experience.

Built-in GPS for GSV

Seamlessly capture and upload street views directly from the camera thanks to our simplified workflow. Built-in GPS allows for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in your panoramic content creation.

Impressive Battery Life

Unleash unstoppable action with 1500mAh battery, delivering extended power for endless adventures. Embrace more capacity and conquer every moment with confidence.

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