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VR technology promotes new ideas in film art

VR technology promotes new ideas in film art
Shenzhen Pisofttech was invited to participate in the Xiamen International Film Technology Exhibition.
Xiamen (International) Film Technology and Virtual Experience Exhibition was held in Jimei District, Xiamen on October 18th, 2019. 
This is the first international film technology professional exhibition held in Xiamen. It is also one of the highest level film technology exhibitions in China, which focuses on the latest development trends and cutting-edge technologies of the film industry. As one of the earliest leading companies in China for panoramic image technology research and development, Shenzhen Pisofttech was invited to participate in the exhibition and jointly explored the new future of “Movie+VR” in the 5G era.
VR futuristic technology helps the film industry to usher in a new trend

Pisofttech has provided innovative ideas for “film + VR” shooting methods, viewing methods, and interactive participation with innovative products, application cases, innovative technical solutions, and fresh industry insights. For example, the application of VR with the aid of AI technology, the hybrid viewing mode combining MR large screen and VR head display, and the combination of VR and the existing technology innovations such as “body sense”. We can see it on the spot that the VR interactive experience zone, the green screen special effects experience zone, and the bionic machinery display zone are so popular, the citizens have amazed after experiencing the immersive virtual reality interactive technology in the Pisofttech exhibition booth.

Pilot Era live broadcasting on Film Technology exhibition forum

“5G+8K+VR” Industry initiative program attracts attention

On the exhibition site, Pisofttech showed the "5G+8K+VR" mobile live broadcast solution, which is based on the ultra-high-definition program acquisition, transmission, and stitching process integration of the 5G network, and invited many visitors to experience its first flagship product, the Pilot Era camera. As the world's first professional panoramic camera with an integrated touch screen and Android operating system, Pilot Era’s unique in-camera real-time stitching and the latest release of integrated cloud stitching capabilities, users do not need bulky streaming servers or even computers. With a single camera, you can easily shoot, stitch, process and publish.

The cloud stitching integration solution is the first of its kind in the field of embedded panoramic algorithm research and development. The solution is a new VR live broadcast solution that integrates software and hardware, including channel authorization and data aggregation package, it is considered by the industry to lead the entire panorama industry to a new development pattern.

At the exhibition site, many visitors said that the cloud stitching integration solution will make the Pilot Era professional panoramic camera even more powerful.

In the future, Shenzhen Pisofttech will continue to explore the innovative application of VR in the film industry, bringing more new ideas, new tools and new values to the fast-growing Chinese film and television market.
The staff introduced the smart panorama solution on site.

About Pisofttech
Shenzhen PiSoftware Technology is a company dedicated to bringing new values to customers, communities, and businesses at large, through research and development of panoramic technologies and hardware.
Established in 2012, Pisofttech is one of the earliest companies focusing on panoramic technology and has been the world’s largest panoramic algorithm provider. Leveraging its strong technology and solution experience, the company entered the smart hardware and 5G market in 2017. In 2019 it launched Pilot Era, the world’s first professional panoramic camera integrated with a touchscreen and Android OS, enabling standalone and seamless 8K live streaming with a single click.
The camera was certified and recommended by Google right after it hit the market and has shipped to over 60 countries for video creation and live-streaming, in areas such as street view, real estate, medical, travel, events, media, and more.
Pisofttech believes that panoramic technology will change the business format from inside out, becoming a new catalyst for business growth, and a prominent tool in our daily lives.
Pisofttech strives to create reliable products and efficient solutions with cutting-edge technologies and exciting innovations, to help more partners expand their business range and to empower more individuals with the chance to explore the possibilities in creating the next-generation videos.

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