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Pisofttech helps Sichuan's first 5G cloud education base settled in Chengdu Tianfu Seventh middle school.

Pisofttech helps Sichuan's first 5G cloud education base settled in Chengdu Tianfu Seventh middle school.
Chengdu Tianfu Seventh middle school and Liangshan Prefecture Zhaojue County Wanda Aixin School are more than 500 kilometers 
apart, but through 5G+VR technology, they have been able to synchronize their classes.

On May 31, 2019, Pilot Era connected to Sichuan's first 5G cloud education base in Tianfu Seventh middle school, and two 5G+VR cloud classrooms were continuously launched on the spot, to great fanfare from the students and teachers.

Although the traditional cloud classroom can also be synchronized, due to the slow network speed, latency may occur, and the accuracy of image information will be greatly reduced. The application of 5G makes advanced teaching methods such as VR possible.

Even students hundreds of kilometers away can have zero latency, and feel the classroom atmosphere from multiple angles.

The reporter saw at the scene that the first biology class of the "Classification of Plants" was carried out in Ma'anshan, where the vegetation was abundant. The students in Tianfu Seventh middle school were responsible for collecting plants. On-site live broadcast cloud and live broadcast system, open 7-channel 4K panoramic HD 5G+VR remote synchronous teaching, students from two different schools interact in the cloud, answer the species of plants, distinguish the composition of plants, and discuss the growth conditions of plants.

The second physics class "Scientific exploration" is equally exciting. Under the leadership of the teacher, the students in Tianfu Seventh middle school have explored the magic of the air in a wonderful phenomenon by blowing balloons in the bottle, transferring cola through a straw. Wanda Aixin School students wear VR helmets, immersively entering the same classroom scene, from the perspective of classroom panorama, teacher panorama, projection panorama, and student panorama, immersive experience 360 degrees panoramic HD teaching.

The relevant person in charge said that in the future, 5G+VRMOOC (large-scale open online course) remote synchronous teaching will not only be widely used in the field of compulsory education but also will be widely applied in the field of higher education.

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