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Pisofttech's Pilot Era 360 Camera Wins

Pisofttech's Pilot Era 360 Camera Wins
The 2019 World VR Industry Conference was held in Nanchang on 19th October. Pisofttech’s Pilot Era camera winning the "World VR Industry Conference Annual Innovation Award", other award-winning companies include Huawei, HTC, the Palace Museum and other enterprises.
Pilot Era Wins the “World VR Industry Conference Annual Innovation Award”
Senior expert group review, covering VR multi-industry results
According to the introduction of the conference, the participants of this award are those who join or participate in the World VR Industry Conference and related activities. The evaluation criteria comprehensively consider technology leadership, market competitiveness, design novelty, functional applicability, and whether the product is launched at the conference. The awards are for hardware (including but not limited to VR/AR helmets, eyewear and other terminal products, related components such as chips, displays, sensors, etc.), tools and platforms (including VR/AR technical support, content distribution, such as platforms and related development tools), software and applications (including VR / AR software and games, audio and video and other related applications), covering the new upstream and downstream products and technologies in the VR/AR industry chain.
Audience members experience Pilot Era at the exhibition
The world's first panoramic camera with the built-in touchscreen
Pisofttech’s Award-winning product Pilot Era is the only 8K smart panoramic camera that received an award. The Pilot Era Smart 360 Camera is the world's first 360 camera with a built-in touchscreen, with 8K photo and video capture capabilities, real-time PilotSteady technology, integrated Android OS, built-in live streaming, it is also a Google Street View certified camera (equipped with high-precision GPS, IMU).
The greatest feature of the Pilot Era is that it supports one-click stitching, which massively saves the time needed for stitching panoramic images and videos. Without post-processing, you can complete camera settings, image and video viewing, panoramic live streaming through the touch screen. The camera can work independently. Because of so many functional integrations and conveniences, the Pilot Era is very popular among VR professional users at home and abroad.
Wang Chao, co-founder of Pisofttech, shares industry experience and thinking
Improve technical skills, leading product innovation
As the only award-winning 8K panoramic camera of this conference, Wang Chao, a co-founder of Pisofttech, said that the Pilot Era Smart Panoramic Camera is a masterwork of Pisofttech in the field of panoramic technology and hardware research.
The product considers the application scene and ease of use of the panoramic camera. It has an excellent performance in professional players and apps in the corporate program, both domestic mainstream operators and cooperative enterprises, as well as overseas professional users, have expressed great affirmation to the product.
All of the achievements of the innovation award-winning enterprises were painstakingly researched by the company. As a hotspot for the development of the world VR industry, China's product innovation has brought endless changes and breakthroughs to the development of the VR industry. Using innovation to accelerate industrial development, take advantage of the spring breeze of VR development, industry head player echelon represented by Pisofttech will bring vitality to the VR industry.

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