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Stronger and more elegant Labpano Pilot One (EE, Enhanced Edition) officially released

Stronger and more elegant Labpano Pilot One (EE, Enhanced Edition) officially released
IP65 Rating,Waterproof, Dust-Resistant, Anti-Corrosion Spray
 Pilot One (EE) is built with an aluminum alloy shell for ultimate durability. Equipped with IP65 waterproof design, making it  can easily withstand outdoor harsh environments.
True 8K Imaging Capability
Pilot One (EE) adopts 4 sets of Sony 1/2.3″ 12MP sensors and ultra-high  precision optical lenses, our initiated android-based Pilot OS and a set of  AI algorithms. You can manually adjust EV, ISO, stitching distance, and  other parameters freely, or utilize our HDR mode for better results easily. 
Pilot One EE uses a 2.2-inch screen, height 127mm, weight 395g, was born to cope with the panoramic live streaming of the complex outdoor environment. With the high strength of aluminum alloys shell, IP65 protection grade, waterproof, dust-resistant, anti-corrosion spay, equipped with the external heat sink easily realize the normal operation of 0°C low temperature and 45°C high temperature. It integrates shooting, editing, and sharing as a whole to help you to create freely and is very suitable for Vlog and mobile live streaming.
Standalone 4K Live Streaming to Facebook/YouTube
With both wired ethernet and dual-band Wi-Fi connection, Pilot One (EE) allows anyone to stream 4K panoramic content to major social media platforms. Log into your account, one-click stream to Facebook/YouTube/other live platforms. Simultaneous live-streaming and recording are supported.
PilotLive 8K
Pilot Series Cameras can stream up to 8K panoramic videos with a single click. Thanks to a revolutionized algorithm brought by Labpano, no cumbersome connection to the server and pay expensive cloud fees needed, with the Labpano PiPlayer, you can watch 8K Live on your computer or VR Headsets. 
PilotSteady™ Stabilization
Pilot One (EE) is the world's first 360° camera that performs  real-time stabilization while live streaming 360° VR. Patented  PilotSteady™ stabilization with our intelligent shake compensation algorithm and a built-in  9-axis gyroscope achieve real-time correction and automatic compensation of video images.
Pilot Open System
Our custom Android operating system is used in Pilot One (EE).  The Pilot Open System allows you to develop and customize a bunch of functions in the camera to fit in with your business needs. With more resources and business clients joining this open system, Pilot One (EE) is becoming a more efficient tool for all.
Built-in High-Precision GPS,Easy Street View Capture
Pilot One (EE) is the most efficient 8K 360° camera for Street View photography. It removes the external GPS module, with the support of a built-in ultra-precision GPS, a powerful processor, and real-time stitching, it generates premium 8K images up to a speed of 7fps and allows you to directly upload from the camera, making it unsurpassed in terms of performance, ease-of-use, and portability.
Virtual tour creation has never been easier. Based on a powerful V-SLAM algorithm and multiple visual sensors, Pilot One (EE) can pinpoint  indoor positions to a centimeter-level. Now get rid of the paid platforms and slow processing, use Pilot One (EE) to generate a well-organized  virtual tour automatically and share it directly to your social media or embed it on your website instantly
The ″Pilot″ Program
Pilot One (EE) is an evolving 360° camera. You will receive  over-the-air software/fifirmware updates on a regular basis that  ensures better performance and even new features now and then.
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