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Pilot Lock & Pilot Insight support GB28181 protocol mode

Pilot Lock & Pilot Insight support GB28181 protocol mode
Pilot Lock IP67 outdoor panoramic live streaming camera and Pilot Insight IP65 indoor high-performance 360° live streaming camera officially support the GB28181 access protocol  to achieve cross-regional and cross-platform networking integration.
GB28181 Protocol Overview
GB / T28181-2011 "security video surveillance network system information transmission, switching, control technology requirements" by Ministry of public security Science and Technology Information Bureau put forward by the National Security and Protection Alarm System Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC100) focal point, a Ministry of Public Security and other units jointly drafted a national standard. GB / T28181-2011 already in July 12, 2016 has been GB / replaced T28181-2016. 
GB28181 protocol is divided into a signaling protocols and media stream transport protocol in two parts, a signaling protocol is the SIP protocol through the completion, media streaming is to take the RTP + PS stream, the RTCP completed.
Over recent years, 360° VR cameras have been used in numerous industries, such as media events, smart security, tourism, and VR live streaming, in which most adopt RTMP live protocol. With the sharp increase in the number of cameras applied in security surveillance, we urgently need to conduct centralized and effective management and control of surveillance cameras. For a long time, the panoramic cameras disable to meet the standard video transmission specifications that restricted its access to the monitoring systems of public safety and the state department. Along with Labpano Live streaming camera- Pilot Lock IP67 and Pilot Insight IP65, officially support the GB28181 protocol, compatible with the national standard to enter the panoramic video surveillance system, compared to RTMP added device control function, making the interconnection of panorama video surveillance equipment easier.

Regional  Cascade Platforms 

Based upon the GB/T28181 standard, video resources can be shared cross-platform, cross-regional, cross-departmental. The high-level admins can access the video resources of subordinate units to meet the requirements of the public security organs at all levels to view and obtain monitoring information promptly.

Unified Management of Cross-Regional Cameras

The GB28181 mode supports the unified management of cross-regional panoramic cameras in a large network environment, and the unified management of Pilot Lock and Pilot Insight high-performance live cameras.

Batch Adjustment  of Camera Parameters Remotely

Through the GB28181 mode, admins can remotely adjust the parameters such as EV, ISO, stitch focus of the panoramic camera, it support batch restart  cameras and replacement nadir logo while in livestreaming to ensure the best video surveillance effect. 

Web No-Plugin Live Streaming

Labpano Pilot Insight and Pilot Lock high-performance live streaming cameras support setting the national standard mode under the LAN network. After parameters adjustment, like bit rate, resolution among others, the administrator can real-time view the panoramic image of the on-site monitoring.


Network Security

The GB/T28181 standard, as the national standard for public security surveillance networking systems, effectively guarantees the security of video transmission     and docking platform cross-network.
In addition to adapting the GB28181 protocol in public security law enforcement, we can also incorporate it into the local monitoring system, such as smart cities, smart construction sites, to achieve resource sharing and boost the development of the security monitoring industry.
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