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Pioneering 8K 360º Video Livestreaming over 5G

Pioneering 8K 360º Video Livestreaming over 5G
Shenzhen Pisofttech exhibited its professional 8K panoramic camera Pilot Era at the 28th Beijing International Radio, Film, and Television Exhibition (BIRTV2019) from August 21st to 24th.
The Pilot Era camera is an 8K resolution 360º camera with a touch screen, Android OS, fully automated image stitching, and built-in live streaming. A technology pioneer in the 360° journalism field, Pilot Era introduces the possibility of viewing journalistic VR content for the news and television industries.
Pisofttech "5G+8K+VR" live stream debut at BIRTV2019
"5G+8K+VR" mobile live streaming brings Journalism to the 21st century 
With the advent of 5G technology, Shenzhen Pisofttech is ushering in an unprecedented revolution to the news and television live streaming industry. 360-degree live streaming means that video news coverage is no longer restricted to a single perspective. High-resolution 8K 360-degree video brings a truly immersive audiovisual experience to users.
At the exhibition, Pisofttech live-streamed 8K to a large screen and VR glasses, to great fanfare from the audience. Pisofttech also demonstrated the ultra-high-definition video transmission process based on the 5G network, and the ultra-efficient workflow of 8K video acquisition, transmission, and stitching.
"5G+8K+VR" advanced technology is applied to TV and new media production, which greatly enriches the expression of TV and new media, significantly improve the impact of program production, simultaneously bringing an immersive and high-definition audiovisual feast to the audience.
The Exhibition audience experiencing the Pilot Era professional 8K panoramic camera


"Professional + mobile + portable" to solve media use pain points in all situations

At the exhibition, Pisofttech showed how the Pilot Era camera is used for 360 and VR news coverage: suspended on a drone, mounted on a car, worn on a backpack, mounted on a tripod and hand-held. In particular, with its light and compact shape and powerful functionality, the Pilot Era attracts a large audience to consult and take photos when mounted on a car for live streaming in the exhibition hall.
Weighing only 690 grams, and the size of a beer can, the Pilot Era is very easy and convenient for journalists to use; it has a built-in 9-axis gyroscope and "Pilot Steady" anti-shake technology to make shooting more stable under moving conditions. Moreover, 8K high-definition photos or videos can be taken in manual mode; the camera allows very easy and automatic shooting outdoors or in harsh environments; the built-in 512GB storage and large-capacity battery that supports 4 hours of continuous 8K recording, ensuring long-term shooting are not interrupted.
Its built-in touch screen allows full operation without any technical knowledge or user training: it is truly “as easy to use as a smartphone”. The photographer can upload the photos and videos directly to the cloud, greatly simplifying the workflow and improving efficiency; it allows journalists to take high-quality 8K 360° photos, videos, and 360° live broadcasts anytime, anywhere, without missing any important moments.
“Conference + Events Activities + More Possibilities” Panorama coverage is indispensable
Since its establishment, with its 5G+8K+VR panoramic live streaming technology and its unique real-time stitching technology, Pisofttech has won praise in several major live streaming projects at home and abroad.
In August, Pisofttech used its panoramic camera Pilot Era to make a panoramic recording of the BRICS Future Network Innovation Forum, presenting smart applications of 5G technology to the world’s guests and the public.
In July, Pisofttech joined China Unicom to the People’s Daily, utilized new technology and new equipment, combined with new media news reporting methods, allowing newspaper editors and journalists to immerse themselves in panoramic news coverage.
From July to August, Pisofttech broadcasted and recorded the 2019 CCTV Fengyunqiuwang five-player football competition. Through 5G network streaming and distribution, audiences can watch it via TV, VR headsets, and the CCTV audio and video APP, which became a highlight of the event.
With continuous development alongside the broadcasting and television industry's media ecosystem, Pisofttech has proven itself to be a driving force in the 360° panoramic news reporting industry.
Pilot Era is applied in VR inspection and VR street mapping  Street Mapping
In addition to its wide application in the news media field, Pilot Era is also perfectly suited to VR inspection and VR street shooting and has become an innovator in these fields.
Pisofttech's VR inspection command system will feedback the site environment to the cloud command platform without any dead ends. The cloud smart platform will centrally manage, schedule, and distribute real-time information to the backstage expert team. Through the system, the remote inspection personnel can realize inspection and demand by wearing a VR helmet without going to the site, enabling multiple inspection personnel to restore the remote scene through the MR projection room with a 1:1 ratio immersive exchange discussions and work guides, and examine a remote panoramic view from phone anytime, anywhere.
As the most efficient street view professional 8K panoramic camera on the market, Pilot Era, certified by Google Street View in 2018, achieved the combination of high-quality 8K image, high-precision GPS, and a high-performance processor, making street-view shooting speeds reach an amazing 7 FPS, with built-in high-precision GPS and equipped with an Android system, can support any Street View platform.

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