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Pisofttech Initiates "cloud stitching" Integration Solution

Pisofttech Initiates "cloud stitching" Integration Solution
Huawei's fully-connected conference was held in Shanghai on September 19, 2019. During the conference, Shenzhen Pisofttech officially signed the Cloud VR cooperation agreement with Huawei Fusion Video. According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly explore panoramic live broadcasting applications on the Cloud VR platform combined with cloud stitching technology. Meanwhile, Pisofttech officially released the industry's first brand new "cloud stitching" integrated solution, which will revolutionize the traditional panoramic/VR live broadcasting applications, accelerating the industry’s evolution.
Pisofttech's first "cloud stitching" integration solution

The first "cloud stitching" integration ushers in a new direction!

There are always many pain points in the professional panoramic content production. At present, most 8K+VR live streaming solutions require stitching servers, streaming media servers, and stitching software to implement the receiving, stitching, and streaming. The heavy and cumbersome equipment, complicated wiring and long processing time make it difficult to cope with the innovation needs in the 5G network era. 

Based on Huawei's "Cloud VR" platform technology foundation, Pisofttech’s cloud stitching overall solution solves these many pain points, achieving a balance of efficiency, stability, and image quality. This enables users to get rid of bulky equipment and easily carry out 8K panoramic live streaming.

Pisofttech’s cloud stitching service is a new VR live streaming solution that integrates software and hardware, including channel authorization and data aggregation packages. At its core is the Pilot Era camera, the world's first 8K panoramic camera with an integrated touch screen and smart operating system. With its real-time in-camera stitching capability, it can independently complete the process of shooting, stitching, and post-processing without a computer. It can initiate live streaming with one click to a variety of viewing devices such as projectors, TVs, VR immersive experience helmet, mobile devices, or web pages. The new cloud-stitching solution takes Pilot Era to the next level in the professional panoramic broadcast field. It can make full use of its "small but strong" advantage, making panoramic live broadcasting easier than ever.
Pilot Era won the 2018 CES Asia Innovation Award, the 2018 Made in China Gold Award and Google Street View Certification. Recently, Pisofttech’s Cloud Stitching Integration Solution has won the 2019 Huawei Developer Contest Cloud VR Award.

Pisofttech signs contract with Huawei "Cloud VR Platform"

At the 2019 Huawei Full Connection Conference, Pisofttech's first "cloud stitching" integration solution won the 2019 Huawei Developer Contest Cloud VR Award for Excellence. Pisofttech and Huawei Fusion Video have signed a Cloud VR eco-cooperation contract.

With Huawei's video cloud service, Pisofttech will further explore the value of cloud stitching integration solutions in live broadcast scenarios such as live streaming, long-distance education and smart medical treatment.

Pisofttech’s program is an active exploration to solve the pain points of the panoramic live broadcast industry and to promote innovation.

"As one of the earliest leaders in 360º imaging algorithms, Pisofttech has the responsibility to bring new thinking to the industry in the 5G era.” CIO of Pisofttech Wang Chao said,  "Huawei is a giant in the technology industry. We are a newcomer to the vertical innovation industry. We hope to learn from the VR platform, this plan can stimulate large-scale innovation scenarios, and allow Panorama and VR to bring real new value to various industries as soon as possible. ”

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