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Pisofttech CEO Jingcheng Shen shares panorama applications in new industry

Pisofttech CEO Jingcheng Shen shares panorama applications in new industry
On November 22, the third exhibition day of the Wanda Innovation Accelerator was held in Beijing. Nearly 300 industry leaders, business representatives, and investors participated and shared business innovation and industry opportunities brought about by the combination of technology and commerce in the 5G era. 
Pisofttech creates a panoramic industry chain from software development to hardware 
Pisofttech has been committed to domestic industrial 360º imaging applications Since 2012. “Pisofttech is not just a 360º camera manufacturer - we are a solution provider combining software and hardware,” Jingcheng Shen, CEO of Pisofttech, said at the meeting. As one of the earliest domestic companies engaged in 360º imaging algorithm research, Pisofttech has been paying attention to the development of the 360 imaging industry. Since 2017, Pisofttech has been involved in hardware research and development. Benefit from deep industry ties, Pisofttech has launched the world's first 8K smart 360º camera, which is used in business management, news media, real estate, education, and other industries.
Pisofttech is providing 360 imaging solutions to a few major industries: industrial applications requiring both software solutions and hardware integration, and panoramic surveying and mapping services based on smart city construction. Pisofttech has grown as a company from being involved solely in software development and algorithm design, to hardware and camera design, which has accelerated the development and success of the company.


360º Imaging helps build an efficient business and provides tools for lean management
As a Wanda accelerator demonstration project, Pisofttech CEO Jingcheng Shen introduced the practical application of panoramic imaging technology in business management and introduced the first domestic 360º commercial inspection program: the Clairvoyance inspection program. Inspection staff carry Pisofttech's flagship Pilot Era 8K camera, or remotely control mobile inspection vehicles, to execute 360º inspections on the scene of various commercial entities to fulfill remote inspections using 5G networks for high-speed data transmission. This solution effectively saves manpower and material expenditures, in a more efficient way to solve the problems of blind spots in inspections and unreproducible scenes in conventional supply chain management.
Wanda Group stated that the Clairvoyance inspection program meets the inspection needs of supply chain management, achieving transparent inspection, and can effectively assist the group headquarters in conducting routine inspections and spot checks.
360º Imaging is not just VR, there are many great opportunities for immersive applications in Business and Industry.
In addition to the supply chain management remote inspection program, Jingcheng Shen also introduced Pisofttech's solution for construction sites, real estate, and smart cities. He pointed out that Pisofttech is not producing 360º cameras, but is making robot eyes and space eyes. The camera is just one of the application products of this "eye". At the same time, 360º is not just VR. 360º imaging and VR can have broader extension and application space. He said that in the future, Pisofttech will develop 360 imaging technology in multiple fields, so that 360º imaging technology will not only be a consumer product to play with, but also become our customers' new productivity, and provide our clients and society with productivity and higher benefits.

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