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Labpano Show Up in 2021 World VR Industry Expo

Labpano Show Up in 2021 World VR Industry Expo
On October 17, the 2021 World VR Industry Expo, with the theme of VR Makes the World Bigger-Integration and Development of Innovative Applications, opened in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. As the leading event in the current industry, the 2021 World VR Industry Expo showcased a number of the latest products and technologies in the virtual reality industry. Labpano showed up with its 360°VR camera and 8K 360° panoramic live streaming solutions.
 Pilot Lock IP67 Live Streaming 360° Panorama Camera 
Pilot Lock is a professional outdoor live streaming VR camera with an IP67 rating and PoE power, waterproof, anti-dust, anti-salt spray. During the four days exhibition from 17th to 20th, Pilot Lock was continuous live streaming fully underwater in a goldfish bowl, the exhibition audiences onsite can see the real-time dynamic live streaming image through the screen or VR headset, showing the real "tough guy" high quality, Pilot Lock was born to challenge the complex outdoor panoramic live streaming environment.
Pilot Lock Fully Underwater Live Streaming
Withstand the long-term test of the harsh environment from the subzero -44°C to the extreme heat of 55°C, and it has been widely used in the outdoor tourist attractions live streaming project.
Over 800 tourist attractions across the whole of China nowadays use the Pilot Lock to do the 360° VR live streaming,promoting the development of the tourism industry during the covid19 and the post-pandemic. The exhibition audience can watch the real-time live streaming of different scenic spots on the big-screen, PC on site, enjoying the beauty of mountains and rivers in China, from the 6000M camping of Mount Everest, Mount Tai to the tropical island Sanya, etc. The audience can appreciate so many tourist attractions through a small VR device without walking out to the attractions in person.
Pilot Lock Real-Time Live Streaming Image
Visitors can also watch the real-time live streaming of tourist attractions through VR glasses. The extremely immersive experience makes the exhibition audiences on-site express that VR technology is amazing, and highly praise the splendid mountains and rivers of the scenic spot!
Pilot One EE IP65 360° Panorama Camera 
Pilot One (EE, enhanced edition) IP65 VR camera, waterproof, anti-dust, and anti-crash, weight only 400g, size 44*44*127mm, with small and exquisite appearance. Pilot One (EE) can be flexibly used in multiple scenes to quickly perform VR live streaming, 8K video, and 8K photo. 
The compact body of the Pilot One (EE) is placed on a 5-meter high-altitude pole to do the live streaming, presenting the real-time dynamics of the exhibition hall from a 360° bird's-eye view.
Backpack a Pilot One (EE) walk through the exhibition hall to do the live streaming, 360° VR live streaming has never been so easy and convenient !
With excellent anti-shake technology-PilotSteady, the Pilot One (EE) can be mounted on a drone to take aerial shots of stunning views from different perspectives.
 Pilot Insight Live streaming Camera 
Pilot Insight IP65 indoor panoramic camera features PoE power, supporting 4K or 8K VR live streaming, equipped with Labpano self-developing Hawkeyes remote management system, ItS 5g+VR live streaming solution is been widely used in government, the court, museum and the hospital, etc.
Through the Pilot Insight live streaming, the exhibition audiences on-site can see the real-time live streaming image of the expo hall on the PC, big-screen, or the VR headset, HD Monitoring the pavilion with 360° view without dead ends.
Pilot Insight Real-Time Live Streaming The Pavilion
Pilot Era The Revolutionary 8K VR Camera for Business 
As the world's first 8K smart panoramic camera, Pilot Era based on Android operating system, high-integrated with Pilot Open API, Google Street View Video mode, 8K Video and 8K Photo, it supports one-click to get creative 8K panoramic works and able to upload the content to the Google Drive, YouTube and Dropbox in-camera with a single tap. Pilot Era equipped with 7200mAh removable battery supports 3-3.5 hours continuous live streaming. The efficient and simple workflow and the convenient operation of the Pilot Era have gained widespread recognition and made it popular in both home and abroad.
Pilot Era 8K 360° VR camera installed on ROVs recording the entire exhibition hall.
In addition, Labpano had creative cooperation with China Mobile and Wasee AR/VR, etc on site, respectively showing 5G+VR live streaming, VR content platform, VR terminal applications, VR industry achievements, and VR ecological resources to exhibition audiences.
In China Mobile Booth, the big-screen display "5G+VR Remote Control Tower Crane Console  Solution", which the live streaming carried by Labpano Pilot Lock IP67 outdoor Live streaming camera. Through the 5G+VR solution, you can remotely control the Tower Crane console thousands of miles away at the exhibition. Jiangxi Province TV Reporters coverage the 5G+VR solution.
China Mobile Booth, Jiangxi TV Reporters On-Site Coverage "5G+VR Remote Control Tower Crane Console  Solution”
Labpano hardware and software one-stop customized service can meet the different needs in different industries and varied scenes. With VR+ and innovative integration of various industries, in-depth exploration of digital application scenarios, empowering industry applications.
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