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5G+VR Empower the Tourism Industry Post-Pandemic

5G+VR Empower the Tourism Industry Post-Pandemic
On September 25, China Mobile Xinjiang Company (hereinafter referred to as Xinjiang Mobile) "5G + Digital Xinjiang" Smart Cultural Tourism Forum and "5G + CloudView Xinjiang Silk Road" strategic brand conference was held in Urumqi. The main purpose of this conference is to build a cooperative ecosystem of "open cooperation, and creating a win-win situation", strive to create a new pattern of 5G integration applications, and provide strong new kinetic energy to build a smart Xinjiang. 
 Labpano Pilot Era panoramic camera 5G+VR live streaming the Forum 
Labpano Pilot Era panoramic camera 5G+VR real-time live streaming the forum.
 "5G + CloudView Xinjiang" brand officially launched in Xinjiang 
Xinjiang Mobile, Xinjiang Tourism Association, Tourism Research Institute of Xinjiang University, Xinjiang New Tourism Investment Business Group, Cocoa Sea Beijiang Pearl Tourism Company, Labpano, Zhejiang Lishi Tech, Xinjiang Pomegranate Media Information Tech, Xinjiang Yinhu Data Tech, Hikvision, and Dahua Tech jointly completed the signing of the "Industrial Cooperation Alliance" to welcome the "Digital Intelligence to Prosper Xinjiang", showing the confidence and determination to mutually empower the digital development of the cultural and tourism industry in Xinjiang.
 "2021 is a special year, XPCC's culture and tourism industry has also entered an unprecedented period of development, Wang Zibin, Party Secretary of the Tourism Bureau and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Administration, said in his speech. With the upgrading of IT entering a new development model, IT revolutions such as 5G+AR/VR, 5G+AI will profoundly change culture and tourism behavior.
5G+VR Live Streaming smart tourism promotes Great Xinjiang Cultural Tourism. In Xinjiang, you can enjoy almost all types of natural scenery, from the snow-capped Mount Tianshan, the beautiful prairie, the wonderland of Kanas Lake, and the Heavenly Lake of Tianshan, especially the majestic and rugged Yadan landform in Yadan National Geologic Park.
Labpano Pilot Lock IP68 outdoor live streaming camera 5G+VR broadcasts the mysterious the Heavenly Lake of Tianshan, the thousand-year-old stunning desert poplar forests, the vast desert, the vast estuary of Bostan Lake of Bohu County, Karamay Century Park, and other natural wonders. The scenery transmitted back to the VR terminal in real-time through the HD camera with the high-speed, low-latency 5G network, makes the beautiful Xinjiang more vivid and lively, deeply rooted in the hearts of the audiences.
 Pilot Lock IP67 Outdoor Live Streaming Camera Explore The Heavenly Lake of Tianshan 
(L: Late Spring, R: Early Winter) 
Pilot Lock 24 hours Live Streaming the Heavenly Lake of Tianshan
 Pilot Lock Live Streaming Tacheng Prefecture in Xinjiang Tacheng, take you into the world of oil painting 
(Left: Early Summer;  Right: Golden Autumn )
 5G+VR Live Streaming the Beauty of Populus Euphratica Forest  
Pilot Lock Live Streaming Populus Euphratica Forest 
Pilot Lock, as a professional IP67 outdoor live streaming camera, waterproof, anti-dust, and anti-corrosion. Withstand the long-term test of the harsh environment from the subzero -44°C to the extreme heat of 55°C, and it has been widely used in over 800 outdoor tourist attractions 360° VR live streaming project across China nowadays,promoting the development of the tourism industry during the covid19 and the post-pandemic. 
The collision of virtual and reality fulls the sense of science and technology, bringing a close-eye view of the beautiful tourist attractions. In the rapidly developing 5G era, Labpano will continue to innovate in science and technology to create a new benchmark for smart cultural tourism in the 5G era.
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