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Pilot One (EE)-The Most Handy VR Camera to Create Google Street View

Pilot One (EE)-The Most Handy VR Camera to Create Google Street View
Pilot One (EE, enhanced edition) panoramic camera has been popular in domestic and overseas markets since its release. Even with other Pilot series ahead, it still gets a high evaluation for its excellent product competitiveness: IP65 Waterproof, anti-dust, and anti-crash with fully metal housing. Pilot One EE is only 396 grams and smaller than a coke can, a real "POCKET-SIZE" 360° panoramic camera. With 128G and 512G storage optional and high cost-effective at 1,799USD and 2,099, respectively.
Labpano Pilot One EE Smart 360° VR Camera 
The reviews given to the camera are surprisingly consistent after the hands-on experience with it. The exquisite appearance, shooting features, premium 8K quality images, easy workflow and in-camera record and one-single click in-camera to upload the GSV to Google to create blue lines, Pilot Open API, and the likes.
" Pilot One EE is the most convenient panoramic camera to use in 2021. ", Said Hugh Hou, a well-known and popular influencer on YouTube in 360° Virtual Reality Filmmaking and professional Virtual Tour creation. Due to its simple workflow with the in-camera stitching algorithm, GSV photographers and professional VR photographers can use the Pilot One EE to easily create Google Street View video and make your GSV get more than one million views effortlessly. Pilot One EE makes the Street View never been so much easier.
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Google Street View is very commonly used by many people. At the very beginning, the Google Street View collection device was an SUV equipped with multiple computers, cameras, lasers, and GPS installed on the top of the car. With continuous progress and evolving technology, the GSV camera evolved into the panoramic camera we use nowaday, smaller measurement and lighter.
 Pilot Era - Google Street View Certification VR 360° Camera
From Hugh Hou's  video, we can learn many advantages of Pilot One EE in recording Google Street View.
Easy to create Google Street View
The Pilot One EE has an exquisite appearance, with a "height" of only 127 mm and a weight of 395g. You can place the camera on a tripod or backpack to record the google street, easily into an environment where a car  can not enter. We can see from the video that Hugh Hou only carried a backpack with extension tripod and a camera, effortlessly hiking in Topanga Canyon to capture Google Street View, which was very simple and convenient.
Without post-stitching, one-click upload in-camera
The Pilot One EE is embedded with a 2.2-inch high-definition smart touch screen, featuring 8K photo mode, 8k video mode, live streaming mode, Google street View video mode, etc.  Shooting, editing, and sharing can be done in the camera, with a single click to upload the video to Google directly to create the blue line, without caring about the complex post-stitching work.
Save Time and Effort
Hugh Hou also mentioned in the video that compared to Pilot One EE, other panoramic cameras require a high-performance computer to do post-stitching, and can only be uploaded to Google through the PC ends. The whole process requires a lot of effort and a longer time. Therefore, for non-full-time amateur Google Street View photographers, it is almost impossible to create about 100,000 high-quality 8K panoramic images on Google Street View in 3 months. Pilot One EE makes it all come true.


Pilot One EE Built-in high-precision GPS

Hugh Hou added that the Pilot One EE panoramic camera is a good choice for those who do not want to sit in front of a computer and spend hours in stitching work. Pilot One EE is the only panoramic camera known to Hugh Hou that can do so large amount of calculation in such a small compact body to support optical-flow stitching. In the future, Labpano will also launch an AI-based panoramic virtual tour, which can calculate the distance to do a 3D virtual tour.
Pilot One EE is a cost-effective panoramic camera. The efficient workflow enables anyone to share stories places in Street View, helping people from all over the world conduct virtual tours and explore the world to their fullest.
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