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Pisofttech and Peking University Cancer Hospital collaborate in 5G + VR medical training

Pisofttech and Peking University Cancer Hospital collaborate in 5G + VR medical training
On November 21, a standardized training course on non-invasive techniques for gastrointestinal surgery, undertaken by Peking University Cancer Hospital , was started up in Beijing. Dozens of professional medical staff gathered on the scene: Dean Jiafu Ji from Peking University Cancer Hospital, Professor Ziyu Li from Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, and other experts conducted on-site guidance. 
Pisofttech, as a technical partner, recorded the training process using its Pilot Era professional 360º camera.
8K 360º recording of surgery 
To better record the surgical environment, the 5G + 4K laparoscopic surgery utilizes panoramic real-time image recording and transmission. In addition to the personnel directly involved in training on-site, this video can also be used as a demonstration and educational material for medical staff in training. As the world ’s first smart panoramic camera that integrates a touch screen and an Android operating system. Pilot Era is capable of  8K video with in-camera stitching. Its high-quality image can effectively show details of the operation process.
Recording 8K panoramic video requires large storage capacity and performant hardware. Pilot Era, as a professional panoramic camera, has 512GB UFS high-speed storage and a 7200mAh battery, which can effectively support long-term 8K panoramic video recording in various scenes.
Pilot Era in the Operating Room, recording a surgery in 8K 360º.

Medical training materials require very high image quality, especially for 360º imagery. As one of the technical supporters of this event, Pisofttech has leveraged years of algorithms development experience to guarantee high-quality stitching and provide high-quality panoramic image content for medical training. Students can experience real surgical operations through VR headsets, and other display hardware. They can not only learn the theoretical knowledge in the classroom, but also, through VR, feel the tension and pressure of the operating room, and gain more intuitive familiarization with these high-pressure situations and environments. 

Additionally, the trainees can experience the panoramic image materials repeatedly, effectively improving the effect of surgical training. Also, in remote areas with limited training methods, 360º VR image materials can be used as professional medical training materials for local medical personnel.

VR + medical is becoming a valuable tool. 360º VR practical training is becoming an industry standard.
According to the CCID Research Institute of Electronic Information and the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation released the "White Paper on Virtual Reality Medical Applications (2019)", the combination of VR and medical technology is mainly used in robotic surgery, phobia treatment, surgical simulation, and skills training. At the same time, it also plays a more diverse role in patients' psychological treatment and rehabilitation education.

Apart from the case of Peking University Cancer Hospital, Pisofttech also provides VR + medical solution support for Hong Kong Anhe Medical Group and other well-known medical institutions.

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