Pilot Era is World's First Real All-In-One 8K 360° VR Camera

Pilot Era is World's First Real All-In-One 8K 360° VR Camera

Hardware Specifications:

Real-time stitching

6K 5760*2880@15fps

2K 1920*960@30fps 

8K 7680*3840@24fps

4K 3840*1920@30fps 


Real-time stitching / In-camera stitching:


File Format Video format: MP4


Live streaming protocol

Pisofttech was founded in 2012 by the Alumnus of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. As one of the earliest groups invested embedded panoramic algorithms in China, Pisofttech focuses on research and development of image and graphics fusion algorithms and visual products. Besides, Pisofttech is the only panoramic algorithms team provided with the bottom-level technical support by ARM and the only panoramic DSP algorithm provider of CEVA - the world’s largest DSP company.

As the largest panoramic algorithm solution provider in the domestic market, we were invested by international chip industry funds including Wu Yuefeng and ARM investment funds, and by industry funds including China Resources and Tsinghua Lihe.

Find out more about Pisofttech at  http://www.pisofttech.com/

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Pilot Era is all-in-one 8K360° VR camera with in-camera video stitching

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