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PanoX V2 In-depth Review by Virtual Tour Platform Kuula

PanoX V2 In-depth Review by Virtual Tour Platform Kuula

The 360° photographer Ivan Alchimista provided a comprehensive review of the PanoX V2 camera, focusing on its features, photo and video quality, software, and overall performance. The review is informative and detailed, covering various aspects of the camera's capabilities.

Ivan starts by highlighting its 12K photo resolution and Google Street View shooting mode, positioning it as a versatile 360 camera. The review then delves into different aspects, such as photo quality, manual controls, and HDR mode, providing insights and observations.

In terms of video, Ivan discusses the camera's recording resolutions, including stabilization and various video modes available. He emphasize the improvement in video stabilization compared to previous models and its suitability for activities and sports.

The review also touches upon the camera's capabilities for virtual tours and Google Street View, emphasizing its usefulness for those applications. The software aspect is covered, highlighting the intuitive 3" touchscreen interface and the availability of the PanoX app for remote control and content management. Ivan explains the connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot.

The article concludes by summarizing the camera's potential, mentioning its high-quality output and the anticipation for future improvements, particularly in areas like HDR mode and the mobile app.

Overall, Ivan presents a well-structured review that covers the essential aspects of the PanoX V2 camera, providing insights, observations, and informed opinions.

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