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Labpano Unveiled IP65 Indoor Live Streaming Panoramic Camera-Pilot Insight

Labpano Unveiled IP65 Indoor Live Streaming Panoramic Camera-Pilot Insight
Pilot Insight IP65 Rating Indoor 360° Camera

Automated 24/7 Live Streaming

Pilot Insight produces a 24/7 continuous live streaming setup only once. There is no need for tedious manual operation and configuration when the live streaming suddenly stops functioning due to an unexpected system crash or outage. The camera is designed to automatically restart and reconnect to the network and enter the state of the last autosave after the power supply is restored.


8K Ultra HD Photo Quality

With four sets of premium Sony CMOS sensors and four sets of 185° ultra-high precision optical lenses, combined with real-time stitching algorithms, Pilot Insight can stream up to 8K panoramic videos with a single click so that you can enjoy highly sharp details in every frame. Plus, you can adjust exposure, ISO, and other parameters remotely.


In-camera live stitching

Pilot Insight is equipped with Labpano patent stitching algorithm,  automatically complete the image stitching of 4 lenses inside the camera, and directly output 360° panoramic images without subsequent processing taking place.


IP65 Protection Grade 

IP65 ratings, waterproof, dust-resistant, and anti-corrosion spray, aluminum alloy metal enclosure stylish rugged design, make the overall look elegant and exquisite.

-20 to 45℃ Operating Ambient Temperature

Relies on its hardware structure and unique heat dissipation technology, Pilot Insight can operate stably in an ultra-low temperature of minus 20°C and extreme heat of 45°C. 

Support multiple management platforms

Through Labpano self-developed the upgraded v2.0 of Hawkeyes management system or connecting the cameras via the GB/T28181 protocol, you can batch access multiple cameras as well as unified monitor the status of Pilot Insight cameras, and even adjust parameters of the camera (including video resolution, bitrate exposure, and ISO)  to obtain the expected monitor effect.


Aviation Plug & PoE Power Supply

Pilot Insight integrates powerful aviation interfaces to realize One Line Dual-use compatible with Power over Ethernet and data transmission, reducing cable efficiency loss and maintenance costs. Pretty straightforward and pain-free wiring and installation, ready to use straight out of the box.


Live Protocol

Pilot Insight supports GB28281 control protocol as well as RTSP, RTMP among others, and the video can be played in the cloud and on multiple terminals.


Wi-Fi/Wired Network

Wi-Fi and Wired Network supported. The unique and evolved antenna ensures a faster and more stable signal receiving throughout the entire day.
Upgraded v2.0 Hawkeyes Management System

Multi-level authority management

The upgraded v2.0 Hawkeyes management system, a cloud-based remote control system, is designed to provide multi-level authority management and resources management. Through the master account to set up sub-accounts of different levels and to authorize the operation authority of different levels of sub-accounts according to regions, responsibilities, etc. The master account can manage the operation logs and passwords of all operators to prevent unauthorized use by other personnel.
Unified Management Center for Multiple Devices
The upgraded v2.0 Hawkeyes management system is based on the IP network structure and realizes access to cameras monitoring in different areas. With only one system account at all levels to reach remote real-time monitoring and surveillance.


24*7 Operations & Monitoring 

Hawkeyes management system provides professional monitoring services, supporting 7*24 hours of monitoring and management of the running status of cameras and the live video diagnosis. When the front-end acquisition camera encounters unexpected situations such as power outages, the system will automatically back up data.
Realtime Adjustment of Device Parameters 
Users can obtain and configure the ISO, EV and other specifications of the front-end acquisition camera in the upgraded v2.0 Hawkeyes management system, and live view the video after adjusting the parameters through the Hawkeyes remote control system.


System data security management 

The upgraded v2.0 Hawkeyes management system guarantees data security, including identity authentication, front-end equipment authentication, network transmission security, and monitoring center access security, etc.


Local Web monitoring Platform
Pilot Insight 360° live camera supports local web monitoring platform LAN management mode, customers can input http://camera IP:9035, configure the live-streaming resolution and bit rate, etc., directly enter the panoramic monitoring screen.
Safe and Smart Panorama Surveillance 
Pilot Insight Safe and Smart Panorama Surveillance Solution, based on the background of the 5G+ Industrial Internet era, is a software and hardware integrated panoramic command and monitoring solution developed by Labpano to promote the upgrade of the video surveillance industry. Supported by the Pilot Insight high-performance panoramic live streaming camera, combined with the upgraded v2.0 Hawkeyes management system, it supports data collection, storage, cloud computing, and analysis, and meets the needs of intelligent, digital, and networked upgrades in the security monitoring industry. It can be widely used in government, enterprises, hospitals, schools, subways, communities among others.

Breakthrough Panoramic Technology 

With the widespread application of security surveillance in various market segmentation, traditional PTZ cameras can no longer meet the higher-quality surveillance needs. Labpano Pilot Insight panoramic live camera loaded with 4 sets of high-precision optical lenses and premium Sony CMOS sensors, combined with Labpano patent stitching algorithm, to achieve core technologies such as image processing, image stitching, and compression coding in the camera to build 40 million-pixel ultra-high-definition continuous live video surveillance. Compared with traditional monocular fisheye camera solutions, Pilot Insight's multi-lens image resolution is uniform, and the entire field of view is clear and distortion-free, ensuring excellent image quality, and is more conducive to applications such as AI algorithm recognition.


Weaknesses of Traditional Monitoring 

Traditional surveillance solutions require the installation of plenty of front-end video capture equipment, which makes the staff of the monitoring center easily face information flooding due to the many devices installed in a large-scale surveillance system. Moreover, the image resolution obtained by traditional collection equipment lacks sharpness, and the accuracy of face recognition is low due to the loss of detailed information; traditional PTZ monitoring system also faces practical difficulties in multi-level authority management, system expansion,  secondary development, and utilization, etc.

Industrial Internet Application Development 

In 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan (2021-2023)" that pointed out the need to deepen the industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet is a new industrial ecology, key infrastructure, and new application mode that strongly integrates the new generation of information and communication technology and the industrial economy. It is of great significance to support the construction of manufacturing power and network power, to upgrade the modernization level of the industrial chain, to promote high-quality economic development, and to build a new development pattern.


Accelerated 5G Commercial Use 

China has achieved good results in the 5G construction. At the opening ceremony of the 2020 World 5G Conference, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Liu Liehong stated that China’s 5G independent network has initially achieved large-scale commercial use. The MIIT will actively promote co-construction and sharing, and expedite the establishment of new generation infrastructure of high-speed, mobile, safe, and ubiquitous, to promote the digital upgrade of traditional infrastructure and boost the development of 5G smart terminal products. The "Notice on Promoting the Accelerated Development of 5G" issued by the MIIT requires the further promotion of applications such as 5G+VR/AR (augmented reality).



Pilot Insight panoramic live camera can be equipped with AI algorithms and cloud analysis capabilities to realize applications such as face and vehicle recognition and intelligent statistics of people flow. Due to multiple times the high resolution and excellent distortion-free images, the recognition distance and accuracy are higher than traditional PTZ camera, able to 360-degree real-time detailed recognition of objects around.

Panoramic Command and Monitoring Cloud Solution

Pilot Insight panoramic live streaming camera directly outputs 4K /8K 360° panoramic images and uses local LAN, 4G, 5G, and other networks to transmit to the viewing end. Users can use the upgraded v2.0 of Hawkeyes management system for authority management to real-time monitor the operation status of multiple cameras in different locations and adjust camera parameters remotely.


Panoramic Command and Monitoring LAN Solution

Pilot Insight panoramic live streaming camera directly outputs 4K /8K 360° panoramic images and uses the local LAN to transmit to the viewing end. Users can real-time monitor the operation status of multiple cameras on the same LAN and adjust camera parameters remotely through the Web monitoring console.




Pilot Insight 360° indoor live streaming camera can be centrally managed through the upgraded v2.0 of Hawkeyes management system and access to the GB28181 protocol. Customers can choose a solution according to the actual application.

Largely Availability 

When the Pilot Insight panoramic live camera encounters unexpected situations such as power outage, the system will automatically perform data backup, and the camera will automatically restart the network after the power supply is restored.

Private Deployment 

Pilot Insight supports diverse streaming and security surveillance protocols, such as RTMP, RTSP, GB28281, and provides a wealth of access solutions to streaming media/security surveillance, among others.

Great Reliability 

Pilot Insight panoramic live camera has the IP65 protection - waterproof, dust-resistant, and anti-corrosion spray, it can operate stably in an ultra-low temperature of minus 20°C and an extremely hot environment of 45°C with zero failure. The upgraded v2.0 of Hawkeyes Management System provides professional remote monitoring services and 7*24 hours monitoring of the operating status of cameras deployed in various locations and video diagnosis, etc.

High Performance 

Pilot Insight 360° camera supports 8K ultra-high-definition long-term panoramic live streaming, with in-camera AI computing power and edge AI capabilities, combined with cloud big data analysis functions, it can realize applications such as facial identification, vehicle recognition, and intelligent statistics of people flow. 



Pilot Insight panoramic live streaming camera is based on the All-in-One design and adopts the PoE power supply. It can be used quickly out straight of the box without the need for cumbersome server equipment and complicated wiring.



One single panoramic camera delivers outstanding efficiency while increasing overall security and cutting equipment installation/maintenance costs. It can also be used to complement existing surveillance cameras capturing specific areas of a scene, giving customers both those more specific views plus a complete overview of their entire area. Labpano Pilot Insight and Pilot Lock cameras are ideal for retail, commercial and industrial environments. Pilot Lock is suitable for outdoor applications that need surveillance over a large area, such as attractions, stadiums, parking lots. Pilot Insight is more practical for indoor spaces, such as factories, schools, and offices.




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