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Building an Immersive Kingdom with Pilot One EE

Building an Immersive Kingdom with Pilot One EE
Broomx Game-Changing VR Technologies 
In 2017, a company called Broomx in Barcelona developed the world's first standalone virtual reality immersive projection system- MK Player360,enable people to have immersive experiences with naked eyes without wearing VR glasses.
图片1.jpg MK Player360 Immersive Projector
Founded in 2015, Broomx focuses on creating immersive experiences in physical spaces. Users can immersive experience different scenes and environments without using VR headsets.
You can 360-degree immersive enjoy the magical marine world, appreciate the fascinating natural scenery in different places, relish the amazing galaxy space without leaving home.
Those of the patented series products MK360, MKPro, MXLive with the business across more than 20 countries. Today, Broomx has become an important technology partner in many industries like medical, entertainment, hospitality, education, culture, and construction.
Pilot One EE - the compact 360° VR camera has become an indispensable device to capture panoramic contents.
image.pngPilot One EE VR 360° Camera
“Pilot One EE was priced competitively and had the features we were looking for! ”, said Bea Jardim, Broomx’s communication specialist,  when been asked why Broomx chose the Pilot One EE as their camera of choice. 
In 2020, the prestigious Sónar Music Festival was held in Barcelona, Spain. In response to the health emergency, also Sónar Festival, the leading event in the European music scene and beyond, had to reinvent itself with a digital edition, brought out an audiovisual and digital platform, Sónar+D CCCB.
Broomx utilized the Pilot One EE 360-degree VR camera to record and live broadcast the events onsite, then through the MK360 projector, the audience can immerse watch the show at home.
 "The live streaming feature of the Pilot One EE is very efficient and easy to operate. The decisive factor is the Android-based Pilot Open API ecosystem it provides, which is highly customized. With the Pilot Open API, we can install our Live Streaming App MXLive on the camera, synchronizing share the high-quality 360°live streaming with our users, and that's what we're looking for." remarked Bea Jardim.
In addition, Broomx immersive projection services have a strong international presence in hospitals and nursing homes. Virtual tools designed by Broomx include cognitive stimulation, recovery from neurological damage such as autism, treatment for mental health conditions such as Alzheimer's, and ways to relieve work stress and anxiety.
In Barcelona a neuro-rehabilitation hospital, Broomx remodeled one of the rooms, through its cutting-edge immersive technology, helping 20 disabled people with neurological conditions freely immersive experience climbing Mount Pedraforca.
Healthcare professionals have been on the front lines for our safety, and now it is time for us to take care of theirs. The world-leading Valdé Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, Broomx has created immersive therapy for anxiety with the MK360, creating a relaxing place for healthcare workers.
Under the direction of Dr. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga, Chief of Psychiatry, and Eva Aurín, director of health at the hospital, medical staff are relaxing in an immersive space provided by Broomx.
Participants can dive into the ocean, swim with dolphins, or enter the colorful mandalas world to combat pandemic fatigue and other ailments in a completely relaxed state.
Pilot One EE VR camera equipped with Broomx immersive projection technology, through 360° panoramic video, audiences can virtually tour their favorite cities at any time. In the field of healthcare, Immersive technology can turn a nursing home room into a patient's own bedroom, making them feel like staying at home.
Thanks to Broomx's futuristic cool VR technologies and Pilot One EE camera, with just one simple wall, thousands of possibilities can be created.
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