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PanoX Announces PanoX V2: Redefining the 360°Video Experience

PanoX Announces PanoX V2: Redefining the 360°Video Experience
PanoX Announces PanoX V2: Redefining the 360°Video Experience
Unleash Creativity, Elevate Quality, and Capture Every Moment with PanoX V2


[Shenzhen, October 26, 2023] - PanoX, a leading innovator in panoramic imaging technology, proudly presents the new consumer-grade 360°camera PanoX V2, the ultimate tool for capturing stunning 360°videos with exceptional ease.


Impress with Stunning Quality

Featuring and 1/2’’ CMOS sensor, PanoX V2 astounds with its advanced 5.7K30FPS video quality and 72MP resolution photos, capturing every detail in breathtaking clarity for an unforgettable viewing experience. Its standout feature is the cutting-edge active HDR mode, which reveals details in both highlights and shadows, delivering unmatched image quality.

PanoX V2 CMOS sensor

The PanoX V2 effortlessly captures mesmerizing 360° timelapse videos with its outstanding 8K quality, enhancing visual creativity and allowing for immersive experiences.

The camera's premium PilotSteady stabilization technology guarantees steady and sharp footage, even while on the move, captivating viewers with clear visuals.

In-camera stitching makes it outstanding among other cameras which saves your efforts to stitch. Neither post-production nor a third-party device is needed. Capture and share, efficiency is massively enhanced. 3.0-inch touch screen provides superior navigation, previewing, and viewing experience.

72MP Photo


Be Livestreaming Master

PanoX V2 redefines 360°live streaming with 4K@30FPS quality, immersing viewers in captivating experiences. Its seamless streaming across multiple social media channels expands reach and connects with audiences in real-time, elevating influence and fostering engagement.

Livestreaing with PanoX V2

With its HDR mode, V2 showcases vibrant and true-to-life colors, rich in texture and contrast, ensuring the desired visual quality during livestreaming. Moreover, the advanced AI tracking technology enhances engagement and dynamism in live streaming through automatic subject detection and tracking.

V2 is an ideal 360 camera unlocks a realm of possibilities when it comes to Facebook and YouTube Live. Whether it is a music concert or exhibition, you can always get the most out of it. Let it be an appealing camera to record the live concert, party, indoor tour, city walking, even engineering monitoring, onsite livestreaming.


New Feature-packed APP

Keyframe enables smooth motion and transform 360°footage into panoramic or flat videos from different perspectives. MultiView mode allows for multi-camera shots from a single position. 

Connect the PanoX V2 to a smartphone for seamless camera control, enabling precise adjustments and creative freedom. You can also effortlessly share your videos to social media platforms directly from the app.


Boost Your Business Efficiently

Unlock a new era of Google Street View with seamless capturing and uploading of street views directly from the camera, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Enhance the buyer's experience by immersing them in captivating 3D Home tours, providing a comprehensive understanding of property listings, features, and layout.

Android 10 OS customizes App deployment in camera for seamless connection and meet the needs of different industries as a professional tool.


Pricing and availability

PanoX V2 Standard USD $339, EUR€439, 59,999 JPY

Available at PanoX Official Store and Amazon.



Size: 134.3*50*34mm

Weight: 200g

Touchscreen: 3.0-inch

Lens: 200° fisheye*2

Image Sensor: 1/2'' Sony CMOS sensor*2

Video: 8K (7680*3840)@10FPS

            5.7K (5760*2880)@30FPS

            4K (3840*1920)@60FPS*

Photo: 12K (11968*5984)

            5.7K (5760*2880)

Live Streaming: 4K@30FPS




Learn more about PanoX at or check us out on Facebook: @PanoXGlobal or follow us on Instagram: @panox_global and YouTube: @PanoX_Global


About Labpano PanoX

Founded in 2012, Labpano is an esteemed high-tech company that specializes in panoramic 3D images and AI visual technologies. Through its self-developed panoramic 3D algorithms, computer vision expertise, and digital twin technologies, Labpano has crafted an array of solutions and smart terminal products. The focus lies in intelligent cameras, industry-specific solutions, and automotive electronics.


In a bid to establish a distinct brand image for its intelligent camera business, Labpano launches the new brand 'PanoX.' The term 'Pano' in PanoX aptly represents the panoramic nature of their products, while the letter "X" symbolizes infinity and exploration, pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable and achievable. Through this branding initiative, Labpano aspires to cultivate a clearer and more resonant presence within the market, solidifying its position as a pioneer in the realm of intelligent cameras.


*4K@60FPS video will be updated in November 1st, 2023








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