Pilot Go 是 Pilot Era的官方移动应用程序。 Pilot Go可以通过WiFi控制Pilot。支持照片、视频,查看和管理图库,将照片分享到社交平台。 Pilot Go还可以用来观看RTMP全景直播。
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Pilot Go App

Pilot Go is the official mobile app for Pilot-series cameras. Pilot Go can control the Pilot via WiFi. Support photo, video, view and manage Gallery, share photos to social platforms. Pilot Go can also be used to watch RTMP panoramic live streaming.
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APP Store

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Apk File

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PiPlayer is a panoramic player that runs on your computer. It can play photos and videos and watch RTMP live stream. Support a variety of expansion modes, including: Immerse, Asteroid, Plane, FishEye. Minimalist design for a quick and easy experience.The new version 3.0 supports PilotLive 8K live stream.


Support forWindows 7/8/10macOS 10.11+

Version: 4.14.1


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mac OS

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PiPlayer VR

PiPlayer VR supports watching 360 live stream on VR headsets. With PilotLive 8K technology, you can watch 8K VR live stream on VR headsets. Pico G2 4K, SKYWORTH V901/V901C/V901Pro has been supported, and more VR headsets will be supported soon.

PICO Series

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Installation Instruct

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