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Unveiling PanoX: Redefining Panoramic Imaging with Labpano's Revolutionary Camera Brand

Unveiling PanoX: Redefining Panoramic Imaging with Labpano's Revolutionary Camera Brand

Labpano Technology is set to launch its new brand, PanoX, reshaping the realm of Labpano


Introducing PanoX: A Panoramic Journey through Time



New Brand, New Journey

On October 20th, 2023, Labpano Technology announced the launch of their groundbreaking camera brand, PanoX, as part of their global expansion and strategic growth. This new brand embodies the company's decade-long technological expertise, dedicated to providing users worldwide with immersive panoramic, 3D, and VR cameras.


Established in 2012, Labpano Technology is a high-tech enterprise focused on panoramic 3D imaging and AI vision. Leveraging core technologies such as proprietary panoramic 3D algorithms, computer vision, and digital twin, Labpano has developed a diverse range of solutions and intelligent end products. With a strong emphasis on intelligent cameras, industry solutions, and automotive electronics, the introduction of the new PanoX brand will further solidify Labpano's presence in the intelligent camera market, shaping a clear brand identity.


Unleash Limitless Exploration with Panoramic View

The "Pano" in PanoX represents the essence of panoramic capture, while the "X" symbolizes the unknown and infinite, reflecting our relentless pursuit and exploration of panoramic imaging. PanoX aims to inspire more individuals to capture life's wonders in 360 degrees, empowering them to share moments of joy and spread happiness. Building upon Labpano's cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking design, and industry expertise, PanoX will enhance XR capture capabilities and lower the barriers of entry for everyday users, leading the democratization of panoramic VR. These cameras will embody the simplicity and user-friendly features of Labpano's existing camera lineup, enabling both commercial users and general consumers to effortlessly create high-quality 3D and VR content.


A Panoramic Journey Towards a Promising Future

In 2023, as Labpano prepares to unveil its latest product, they introduce the revolutionary PanoX brand, combining a decade of technological prowess to redefine the industry with groundbreaking technologies and exceptional products. Together, let us embark on this journey of exploration, eagerly anticipating the future.


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